"Urban Oasis" - The Interview with Jessica Jungbauer

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Urban Oasis

Parks & Projects for a Greener Future

224 pages

23,5 x 30 cm | 9 1/4 x 11 4/5 in.

138 color photographs

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"Urban Oasis" revolves around green projects for a liveable urban future. In times of climate crisis and ever-growing cities, author Jessica Jungbauer focuses on relevant greening projects and inspiring city park impressions. The unique illustrated book deals with more than 20 greening projects for sustainable city life, covering topics such as the Slow Flower movement, the agricultural use of urban roofs, the greening of former industrial sites and the restoration of listed parks.

Jessica Jungbauer is a successful travel and food journalist with a focus on sustainability. In her texts and photos, she tells the stories of inspiring people and places that are working towards a sustainable future. In an exclusive interview with teNeues, the author reveals information about the inspiration for her book and also provides insights into her personal life:

Your own personal oasis?

Wherever there is a wildflower meadow. The buzzing of the bees relaxes me more than the sound of the sea. In Berlin, that's the "Allmende Kontor" community garden on Tempelhofer Feld.

Why is the topic of "green in the middle of a big city" so important to you?

Personally, I love city life, the inspiration and the many opportunities, but at the same time I long for nature, peace and relaxation in my hectic everyday life, but I don't want to have to move to the countryside to get it. In today's world, this topic is of course becoming more and more important in order to be prepared for the effects of the climate crisis in the future. My interviews in the book, for example with the Central Park Climate Lab and the Thai landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom, go into great depth about how cities can be made more climate-resistant through more green spaces.

Your illustrated book "Urban Oasis" in three words

Inspiring - encouraging - hopeful


A sustainable project that deserves more attention?

I can't decide, which is why there are more than 20 projects in the book. In addition to landscape architecture projects by large architectural firms, it was very important to me to also present smaller urban gardening and farming projects. For example, "Brooklyn Grange" in New York City, "Sitopia Farm" in London or "Pakt" in Antwerp. Where people come together who want to change something for the better.

You travel through Europe in a VW camper with your husband and dachshund mix Momo: Why did you leave Berlin for the camper life?

After seven years in Berlin, we just wanted to experience something different again. As a freelance journalist and photographer, life in a camper means complete freedom - sometimes we are in the middle of nature, then again in the city, every day is different, but above all I also have a lot of time to visit people as a reporter and sometimes stay longer to tell their story.

One insight you have gained on your travels that you would like to pass on to other people?

To travel slowly. It's better to see less, but to notice more. Staying longer in one place, taking a longer walk through a city without Google Maps and unexpectedly coming across small cafés or gardens, talking to locals, sitting in the sun and really enjoying the moment.

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