The Publishing House

teNeues Verlag, which emerged from the family-run print shop founded in Krefeld in 1931 by Dr. Heinz teNeues, has been part of the Augsburg-based WB D2C-Group since the fall of 2020. Its sole shareholder is the family-owned Droege Group, an internationally active consulting and investment company based in Düsseldorf. The teNeues publishing house, also based in Düsseldorf since 2021 and with further locations in Munich and New York, is a specialist for high-quality as well as exclusive photography, travel, nature, architecture, design, lifestyle, culture and art books. teNeues works with renowned international photographers, including icons of image creation such as Elliott Erwitt, Edward Quinn and Paul Almasy, as well as contemporary masters of photography who shape the image of our present, such as Greg Gorman, Bruce Weber, Jimmy Nelson, Vincent Peters, Marsel van Oosten and Thomas Hoepker. In addition, the publishing house creates and publishes titles with and about major companies and brands, such as BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Cartier, Chopard, Swarovski. The multilingual illustrated books of teNeues Verlag are available worldwide.


After the end of World War 2 and the destruction of the Krefeld company building, teNeues was rebuilt in Kempen, Lower Rhine. Dr. Manfred teNeues, eldest son of the founder, joined the management in 1951. In the post-war years, a successful printing business developed, which was soon complemented by the first publishing activities in the areas of art prints and school murals. In 1958, the first calendar program was created, and greeting cards supplemented the trade program.



In 1977, the printing company's publishing activities were spun off and incorporated into an independent company: teNeues Verlag. Hendrik teNeues, eldest son of Dr. Manfred teNeues, expanded the international business and founded the teNeues Publishing Company in New York in 1983. In addition to a broader calendar program, stationery and merchandising products for museums were developed. In 1984, illustrated books were added, and teNeues became the long-time distributor of Prestel Publishing's English-language program in North America.


Subsidiaries followed in London (1989) and Paris (1991). In 1995, Sebastian teNeues, youngest son of Dr. Manfred teNeues, joined the publishing house and became managing director and publisher of the calendar program in 1999. In 2000, the first major teNeues book program in the areas of photography, travel, lifestyle, and architecture was created, and shortly thereafter successful corporate publishing titles were also produced and published at teNeues.


teNeues books are published in German, English and French, and in some cases also in Spanish, Italian as well as Chinese and Russian. Distribution takes place in over 50 countries worldwide. In October 2019, the publisher and sole owner of the book publishing company, Hendrik teNeues, passed away. Since October 2020, the globally active teNeues publishing house has been part of the Droege Group as an independent brand and will grow sustainably in the long term under its umbrella.