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Brett Charles Seiler: New book release January and author interview

The photo book Charles Brett Seiler is dedicated to the provocative and young art of Brett Charles Seiler, who explores themes of sexual interaction, oppression, homosexuality, gender, men. Seiler's work has elements of painting, installation and object art, with a strong use of text and language. Sometimes poetic, nostalgic or romantic, it is a component of his art or also stands on its own as a work. In his paintings, the space is indeterminate, the figures are not located and are sketchily fleeting, the written elements seem spontaneous, like statements from street art. The colour scheme moves in a narrow spectrum between black, grey, white and brown tones, often using wood.


We met Charles Brett Seiler for an interview and asked him 5 questions:

1. what makes an artist? 

"What makes an artist is probably the experiences and stories they tell."

2. What is special about your book for you? 

"This book is my first book, a publication of all my work leading up to this point. It means a lot to me to see the evolution of all my work."

3. Do you have a favourite painting? Why is this so special? 

"My favourite painting? Paintings? They're all so different and from different times, so they all have a different meaning and sentimentality."

4. Is there a touching story to the book creation or to a painting? 

"Meeting Sean was very special, and working with Khanya is always special anyway, she's a good friend of mine too."

5. Are there any specific exhibitions or other events planned by you in the coming year? 

"After the solo exhibition at EIGEN + ART Berlin in January (12.01.-11.02.2023), the art fair in Cape Town will take place in February (16.-19.02.2023). In May, have a solo exhibition in London at Everard Read."

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