Thomas Hoepker's view on New York

New York - Thomas Hoepker | © teNeues Verlag

New York

Revised Edition

136 pages

22,2 x 30 cm | 8 3/4 x 11 4/5 in.

approx. 80 color and black and white photographs

35 € | $ 45 | £ 29,95
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In the revised edition of his photo book "New York", world-renowned photographer Thomas Hoepker once again takes us on a journey through New York - beyond glamor and kitsch. In this expanded new edition of his work, Hoepker, who has lived in the vibrant metropolis since 1976, captures the essence of his adopted home. The city as it really is, far removed from the usual clichés, is seen through his characteristic lens: authentic, unembellished and direct. 

The book is not only a tribute to the "Big Apple" and its inhabitants, but also traces Hoepker's artistic journey. The selection of photographs comes from his extensive archive and demonstrates an impressive stylistic diversity. From monochrome to colorful shots, from impressive architectural images to dynamic street scenes, the work offers a deep insight into the life of the city. Particularly noteworthy are the images from September 11, 2001, which Hoepker was one of the few photographers to capture on location and which provide a moving testimony to that time.


"New York" is intended for all those who are looking for an unadulterated and unvarnished portrait of this city and its people. It is an impressive document that captures the spirit of New York and invites you to look at it again and again. 

Thomas Hoepker, born in Munich in 1936, worked as a photographer for Münchener Illustrierte and Kristall and reported as a correspondent for stern from East Berlin and, from 1976, from New York. In 1989, Hoepker became the first German photographer to become a full member of the renowned international photographer's cooperative Magnum. He became Vice President of Magnum in 1992 and was its President from 2003 to 2006. In addition to photography, Thomas Hoepker also devoted himself to documentary film. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions and published in several books.

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