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The best Coffee Table Books for Dog Lovers

Elliott Erwitt's Dogs

Small Flexicover Edition

144 pages

14 x 18,7 cm | 5 1/2 x 7 3/8 in.

159 b/w photographs

€ 14,99 | $ 12,95 | £ 12,95
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Portraits of Eigthy-Eight Dogs and One Little Naughty Rabbit (EN)

192 pages

22.3 x 28.7 cm | 8 3/4 x 11 1/3 in.

89 color photographs

€ 14,90 UVP | $ 35 | £ 20
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Dog People

Small Edition

176 pages

18,7 x 24 cm | 7 3/8 x 9 7/16 in.

76 color photographs

€ 19,90 | $ 25 | £ 15
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The Dogs

Human Animals

176 pages

24,5 x 31,4 cm | 9 5/8 x 12 3/8 in

85 color & 23 b/w photographs

€ 29,90 | $ 39.95 | £ 20
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The Best Coffee Table Books for Dog Lovers 

Coffee Table Books are predestined to reveal one's passion in a sophisticated way. As intellectual accessories, the high-quality coffee table books embellish living rooms all over the world. Thematically, the works of art of book printing know practically no boundaries. And so there are also numerous coffee table books for dog lovers to express their love for their four-legged companions. Here we present the best coffee table books for everyone who loves dogs. 

The dog as a photo model 

Trustworthy, communicative and intuitive: dog lovers appreciate exactly these qualities in their pets. Dogs enrich our everyday lives in a very special way. And that life with a four-legged friend at your side is a real adventure that offers new funny moments every day, is proven by Elliot Erwitt in his homage to the dogs of this world. In an inspiring way, he shows dogs and their humans in the Coffee Table Book, very gallantly asking the question: "Who actually owns whom here?" 

A more aristocratic approach is taken by Dutch artist Tein Luccasson in his Coffee Table Book Dog. The passionate dog fan and graphic designer has been reworking photos sent to him by friends and fans in his very own way for many years. He turns the images of the four-legged friends into witty portraits in the style of the old masters. Whether with tiara and lace collar, in sailor suit or frock coat, all dogs are given a very individual personality. This illustrated book is a joy to look at again and again. 

Nothing beats looking into a pair of dogs' eyes 

It is said that only dogs are capable of forming that deep connection with their human companions that dog lovers are fascinated by. No other animal can understand humans in this unique way that a dog can. In Coffee Table Book by Vincent Lagrange, you can look directly into the eyes of the four-legged friends and perceive their personality.  

Lagrange is an acclaimed portrait photographer who has staged his animal models with great respect and the same care that is given to a human being. This has resulted in great photographs that give us, as viewers, a fascinating insight into the soul of our favourite pets. We think that this masterpiece offers a successful insight into the nature of dogs.

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