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Interview with Joey Kelly on the illustrated book "No Limits"

No Limits

7 Continents. 100,000 Kilometers. 100 Challenges

352 pages

27 x 36 cm | 10 5/8 x 14 1/6 in.

approx. ca. 280 color photographs

€ 80 | $ 100 | £ 69,95
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Joey Kelly is one of the most outstanding amateur extreme athletes of our time. He has completed eight Ironmans in just twelve months, 31 ultra-marathons, more than ten desert ultra-runs, four Race Across America races and the 8 x 24 hour mountain bike race. He competed in the Tanzania Desert Challenge, the Gobi March, the Himalaya Ultra, the Badwater Run in Death Valles and the Race to the South Pole, the Idita Race in Alaska, the Atacama Crossing and the Marathon de Sables.

All these experiences and the memories associated with them have led him to compile the book "No Limits". On more than 350 pages, readers can now follow these extraordinary sporting achievements at every turn. The exciting photographs are underpinned by the narratives and background information and thus in a certain way become tangible.

The additional digital content that buyers of the book can experience through the teNeues app enhances the experience even more. 
We interviewed Joey Kelly for teNeues magazine shortly after he held the printed book in his hands for the first time. In this interview, Joey reveals some very interesting details about his extreme sports experiences:

(to our international readers: Unfortunately, the interview is only available in German)



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