Beusker "Look into my Eyes": In the face of wild beasts


Look into my Eyes

224 pages

29 x 37 cm | 11 2/5 x 14 1/2 in.

approx. 180 b/w photographs

€ 70 | $ 95 | £ 60
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When it comes to spectacular wildlife photography, Lars Beusker is certainly one of the top artists of our time. His wild-life portraits captivate with their authenticity and uniqueness. Where other photographers with telephoto lenses wait for hours for the right shot in the thicket, Beusker seeks direct proximity to his animal models with a short focal length. From a distance of only two metres in some cases, he succeeds in taking outstanding shots of wild animals, large cats of prey or elephants in this way. 

Authenticity and uniqueness

Beusker was born in Münsterland in 1973 and began taking photographs in black and white at the age of 15. He is not a career changer, but learned the photographer's craft from scratch. First in a four-year assistantship after graduating from high school and then in a more in-depth study of photography with the two luminaries Prof. Gottfried Jäger and Prof. Gerd Fleischmann. Initially, Lars worked in the fashion and advertising world for 25 years. It was only four years ago, in 2018, on a trip to Africa, that he discovered his passion for wildlife photography, to which he remains loyal to this day.

The wonderful pictures show details that are so only visible up close. But that is not what makes Beusker's photography so unparalleled. Lars takes contact with the animal to the extreme in his hunt for the perfect picture. Hanging out of the side of a jeep, he makes eye contact with the predatory cats. Only when the animal has become aware of him and focuses on him does he pull the trigger. This creates images that are unparalleled, because when can you look a puma or a lion directly in the eye?


Eye contact with the animals 

This kind of photography is not a product of chance, but requires a lot of preparatory work. Lars and his team meticulously research where and when he can meet his animal models. He usually photographs outside the national parks, because there he would not be allowed to go off-road and he would not be allowed to leave his vehicle. And that is unavoidable from time to time. Then Lars Beusker moves into a direct line to the animal and waits until it approaches him. Only at an immediate distance does he press the shutter release and immediately flee back into the vehicle. 

Of course, Beusker's eminent work in nature photography does not go unnoticed in the professional world. He was therefore justifiably awarded the title "Nature Photographer of theYear 2022 (first place)", which elevates him to the best nature photographer in the world today. 

Fans can admire Beusker's photographs in galleries all over the world. However, those who want to acquire a real Beusker have had to hold out until now. The prints are strictly limited. Only 10 copies of each photograph are sold. So that everyone can now enjoy Lars' art, his first coffee table book will be published by TeNeues Verlag on 10 September. The coffee table book is entitled "Look into my eyes", which corresponds one hundred percent to the core of Beusker's work.

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