"Barbara Cole: Between Worlds" - Underwater Photography

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Barbara Cole

Between Worlds

208 pages

27.5 x 34 cm | 10 5/6 x 13 3/8 in.

approx. 160 color photographs

€ 60 | $ 80 | £ 49,95
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Barbara Cole - The photographer who dances with light and water

Barbara Cole is the pioneer of underwater photography. Her skilful play of water and light manipulates the boundaries of reality and creates a dream world in which emotions and time melt into each other.

The metamorphosis of the human figure - whether by cloaking her models in anonymity or by manipulating their sense of gravity - is the main motif around which Barbara Cole's unique photography revolves. It is not for nothing that the exceptional artist is celebrated as an inventor, for her technique is legendary.

A dream world in which emotions and time melt into each other

Her new illustrated book "Barbara Cole - Between Worlds" is an intense exploration of the themes of time, place and identity. Her images tell intense stories that signify different emotions for each viewer. Barbara Cole's background in fashion and fashion editorial can also be found in her photographs. With the help of skilfully used costumes and backdrops, she creates an atmosphere between dream world and reality.

Her raw and practical photography process is the result of an attitude that considers no idea or goal unattainable. Since the early 1980s, she has channelled her appreciation of the camera itself, dedicating herself to the history of photography by deviating from automatic cameras and techniques. Cole's artistic work finds its centre in her own underwater studio and darkroom.

"Barbara Cole - Between Worlds"

The artist was born in Toronto, Canada in 1953 and her artwork is collected by public and private institutions and exhibited worldwide. Her paintings embellish the Canadian embassies in Washington, D.C. and Tokyo, Japan, among others. Throughout her career, Cole has worked internationally on commercial projects and large-scale art commissions, including installations for the Breast Cancer Centre at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and for Trump Hollywood in Florida. Cole has won prestigious awards including the Grand Prix at the Festival International de le Protographie de Mode in Cannes, France.

Discover more about Barbara Cole and her past and upcoming work on her website and Instagram. Her new book "Barbara Cole - Between Worlds" will be published by teNeues in April 2023.

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