A Homage to 90s Fashion - "The 1990s Fashion Book"

The 1990s Fashion Book | © teNeues Verlag

The 1990s Fashion Book

224 pages

23,5 x 30 cm | 9 1/4 x 11 4/5 in.

approx. 150 color & b/w photographs

€ 60 | $ 80 | £ 49,95
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The 90s were a legendary era, characterised by great diversity and expressive style movements. From grunge to glamour, from streetwear to high fashion - fashion was rebellious, diverse and unforgettable. It taught us individuality, to stay true to ourselves, to push boundaries and express our personality through clothing. 

The rebellious, nonchalant grunge style relied on checked flannel shirts, ripped jeans and rugged boots. The bands of the grunge era, such as Nirvana or Pearl Jam, were celebrated not only for their music but also for their unique style of dress. Grunge no longer just embodied the underdog character, but was the consciously used statement against consumer culture and fashion labels.

In the mid-90s, hip-hop culture influenced the style of the time. Baggy pants, baseball caps and XXL T-shirts with brand logos suddenly dominated the streets. The unimpressed coolness and the influence of musicians like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Dr. Dre led to this trend spreading worldwide. This is also where the so-called logomania emerged. This phenomenon was an expression of increased brand awareness and continues in various forms to this day.

If we think of the colourful sides of the 90s, we cannot avoid the influences of the "Spice Girls". The band symbolised the spirit of female emancipation with rebellious lyrics and unique, self-confident outfits. Their clothes, often characterised by bright colours, wild patterns and iconic platform shoes, inspired a whole generation of girls and young women to be bold and express their individuality through fashion.

Then in the late 90s, fashion took a minimalist turn. With simple colours and minimalist silhouettes, less was suddenly more. The icon of this movement was Kate Moss, whose unagitated style and untouched naturalness represented a counter-movement to the excessive and glamorous 80s. Whether grunge, streetwear or minimalism - the 90s live on in today's fashion and remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The era has had a lasting influence on the fashion industry and many of its trends are experiencing a revival today. 

 "The 1990s Fashion Book"

"The 1990s Fashion Book" captures the sensual magic of this fashion era and creates an opulent visual feast. A stunning collection of iconic pieces, significant looks, hairstyles and make-up styles that reflect the unmistakable 90s flair. 

The creative minds behind the Coffee Table Book are art historian Agata Toromanoff and her husband Pierre Toromanoff. With more than 150 fascinating photographs, they revive the nostalgic memories of an entire decade in this volume and offer an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all fashion lovers. "The 1990s Fashion Book" is like a time machine that catapults us into an era when the world of fashion broke its boundaries and turned stereotypes on their heads. The illustrated book skilfully captures the feeling of upheaval and transformation and draws us into the vortex of renewal, between visual expression, cultural change and technological progress.

Iconic top models, rebellious hip-hop artists and irresistible pop bands like Take That and the Spice Girls drew the spotlight at the time and initiated a worldwide fashion cult that set the pulse of the decade. More than a tribute to 90s fashion, the book is a visual testament to the unstoppable influence of this explosive era on fashion today.

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