A unique tribute to animals - "Between Us" by Vincent Lagrange

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Between Us

Animal Portraits

224 pages

27,5 x 34 cm |10,5/6 x 13 3/8 in.

150 b/w photographs

€ 80 | $ 95 | £ 69,95
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Vincent Lagrange is one of the outstanding animal portrait photographers of our time. In his latest book, "Between Us," he expresses his deep appreciation for our animal relatives. In stunning color and black-and-white photographs, Lagrange captures the special bond between humans and animals.

Lagrange developed his passion for photography at a young age in his father's photo studio, where he spent most of his childhood. It was here that he began to capture the elegance and dignity of his animal models, such as his cat, Dwiezel. Using techniques that originated in human photography, he achieves amazing results that reveal the personalities of animals in a new light.

Emphasis on the social nature of animals

One of Lagrange's central concerns is to emphasize the social nature, emotions and bonds of animals. He is uniquely able to capture these aspects and bring them closer to the viewer. In 2022, his work received international recognition when one of his photographs appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine, an honor bestowed on very few photographers.

"Between Us is a remarkable coffee table book that provides a deep insight into Lagrange's art of wildlife photography. Each page reveals detailed and emotional animal portraits waiting to be discovered. Lagrange uses the proceeds to support animal and species conservation projects, ensuring that his work has a positive impact on animal welfare.

The Human Animal Project

Lagrange's ongoing series "The Human Animal Project" aims to raise awareness of the needs and rights of animals. He shows the human side of animals, revealing their emotional depth and social bonds. "Between Us" is therefore not only an illustrated book, but also a call for compassion and protection of our animal roommate.

An essential coffee table book for animal lovers

If you are looking for an illustrated book that shows animals in all their humanity, "Between Us" is for you. Vincent Lagrange presents a stunning collection of photographs that show the intimate connection between animals and humans in a unique way.

"Between Us is a moving and inspiring collection that will delight art and animal lovers alike. Be enchanted by Lagrange's extraordinary ability to capture the essence of animals and discover this extraordinary body of work.

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