A making-of is a glimpse behind the scenes of a book, film or music production. How is such a high-quality illustrated book created? What do photographers experience when they work on their breathtaking images? What challenges do the artists face? Our Making-of magazine section sheds light on these topics and provides exciting insights into the everyday work of artists and authors. Like the supplementary material on a DVD, here we offer never-published images and informative texts on the Making-of, which come directly from the pens of our authors. Discover the exciting reports on experiences that you can really only read in teNeues magazine.

The pioneer of the making-of was Walt Disney. As an animator and film producer, he was the first to deal with the representation and publication of production processes. It is obvious that many people were interested in how the Disney animated films, which were elaborately made by hand at the time, were created. But we have similarly fascinating stories to tell: How do you stage a penguin colony? What effort do world-renowned photographers like David Drebin or Phil Penman put into capturing their shots with pinpoint accuracy? How are up-close pictures of lions or apes even possible? This and much more exciting background information can be found in the Making-of section of teNeues magazine.