A trend can be a short-term fad or a lasting change. Trends can also be seen in the themes of our illustrated books. However, the trend towards the high-quality coffee table book as a decorative piece in the home, as a thematic statement and as a reflection of the owner's interests, has been unbroken for years. A coffee table book is a home accessory that is both an eye-catcher in the home and makes a clear statement about its owner.

On the table of a fashionista you might find our coffee table book "For the Love of Bags", with the chic Chanel bag on the cover, while a real PS junkie decorates his desk with the exciting "The Lamborghini Book". Books are not just arbitrary decorative objects like candlesticks. They say something about their owner and show personality.

 teNeues illustrated books give lasting pleasure and are often given as gifts for precisely this reason. Not a fast-moving, cheap mass product, but a high-quality, beautiful and valuable book for eternity. Is there a better gift that exactly matches the interests of the recipient? A gift with individuality and character. The trend towards illustrated books is easy to understand.