Vincent Lagrange | © Vincent Lagrange



Born in 1988, Belgian photographer Vincent Lagrange was given a cat named Dwiezel as a child, who lost an eye after an illness. He began documenting her dignified handling of this suffering - the start of his series in which he portrays animals as unique personalities. Lagrange takes his models seriously, transferring the techniques from portrait photography that he learned from a young age in the studio of his father Marc Lagrange to his animal counterparts. In the razor-sharp and perfectly lit pictures, we are confronted with real personalities, each unique in its own way. With his portraits, Lagrange wants to give these individuals a voice that we should treat with respect. This volume brings together for the first time Lagrange's dog pictures, which form the core of his animal portraits. Shot against neutral, mostly dark backgrounds, they radiate dignity and wisdom as in the portraits of old masters. Pictures in which one always notices new details and cannot get enough of them.