Richard Fischer was born in Manila, Philippines in 1951. He was taught at the International School and at De La Salle College. He has lived in Europe since 1963.
This was followed by a degree in economics and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mannheim. He graduated from the Academy of Photography in Munich. Fischer participated in international film productions, including Group Picture with Lady by Heinrich Böll. Later, photographic work followed in studios in Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Vienna. Today the photographer lives and works in Germany and France and has been running his own studio for visual concepts and photography since 1978.
Photographic work among others for Sunday Times Magazine (GB), Stern Magazine (Germany), L' illustré/ (Switzerland), Geo Italia (Italy), Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (Germany), Edition Braus, Edition Panorama, teNeues Verlag (Germany), Thames & Hudson Verlag (GB), Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Daily Mail (GB), DIOR (France), FAZ Magazine (Germany), Bare Essentials Journal (Australia), TERRA MATER (Austria), Ideal Hors Paris (France), ELLE (Netherlands), DIE ZEIT (Germany), GRAZIA (Italy), Schöner Wohnen (Germany), QUO (Spain), ATRIUM (Switzerland), Marie Claire (Italy) and PDN Photo (USA).

More than 50 since 1978

Photographer Richard Fischer won the Kodak Panther Award, the prestigious International Kodak Photo Calendar Award for best concept and best photography out of more than 1 000 entries worldwide. His flower photography has also won awards at Merit, Red Dot Design, the if Design Awards and the German Japan Exchange Awards. Most recently he has received the International Gregor Silver Award and the International Award of Excellence.

1983 Merit Award, Art Directors Club, Germany
1995 Epica Award, Paris/Düsseldorf, Germany
1996 Kodak International Panther Awards, Rochester, USA
1996 Epica Award, Paris/Stuttgart, Germany
1997 Merit Award, International Calendar Show, Germany
2001 Merit Award, Art Directors Club, New York, USA
2001 Merit Award, International Calendar Show, Germany
2005 Merit Award, International Calendar Show, Germany
2005 Red Dot Award
2005 IF Design Award
2005 German Designers Club Award
2006 International Kodak Photo Award
2007 Merit Award, International Calendar Show, Germany
2007 Merit Award, German - Japan Exchange Exhibition
2016 Gregor International Silver Award, Germany
2017 Award of Excellence, Gregor International Awards, Germany