Photographer & Artist

Peter Arnold - A special sense for beauty
Peter Arnold is a British photographer and artist who now lives in his adopted country of Australia. Born in 1946, he began his career as a beauty and fashion photographer. More by chance he discovered flower photography and quickly developed into one of the most famous fine art photographers on the art scene.
Today, Peter Arnold is at home with his camera all over the world. He still photographs fashion events and uses his travels to create extraordinary fine art images at the same time.
He is particularly fascinated by Thailand, which he regularly visits for several months at a time to photograph the country and its people. This is also where many of his great shots of the ocean were taken.

Flowers as a beauty shot
According to Peter Arnold, his international success is based on his professional diversity. He masterfully translates his knowledge of the fashion and beauty industries into his fine art photography. He looks at and photographs flowers, like a beautiful woman. He stages the shapes and texture of the flower just as he would photograph a model's face. If necessary, he even dusts the calyx with a fine brush.
He discovered his love of flower photography with his first great success, a photo series on tulips. The resulting illustrated book became a bestseller within a very short time and laid the foundation for his career change as a photographer. In the meantime, Peter Arnold has published six books and is regularly invited by Dutch flower growers to photograph the latest varieties. His illustrated books can be found on the coffee-table books of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and musicians such as Sir Elton John, who also wrote a foreword to one of his books.