Photographer & Author

Patricia Parinejad came to Germany as a political refugee during the Iranian revolution at the age of 13. Caught between two conflicting cultures at a sensitive age, growing up wasn’t easy. However, it taught her about cultural belonging, and the need to create an independent personal identity, topics that have fascinated and influenced her throughout her life. Gifted with an adventurous spirit, courage and a natural inquisitiveness and interest in people and places, Patricia has travelled extensively. She has lived in France, Spain, China, the US, and Brazil and speaks six languages fluently.
“Our way of living today should be open-hearted and responsible, spanning cultures and countries.”
Patricia is no onlooker, she engages. Her photographic work centered around architecture, luxury hospitality, design, interiors, sustainability, nature, and wildlife for an international clientele reflects this connectivity, but also her passion for discoveries off the beaten tracks. Her artistic work is held in the collections of the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art, LA, USA and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba, Brazil, in different galleries and collections, both private and public and her photodocumentary about favelas in Rio de Janeiro was part of the Venice Biennale for Architecture.
Patricia shares her time between Berlin and Mallorca. Her close friends love her for her warmth, loyalty, generosity, and for making them laugh like no one else can.