His world is the show stage, but away from the spotlight Joey Kelly achieves incredible feats as an athletic amateur.
He is the pop star with the longest staying power. He finished 8 Ironmans in just 12 months - a record that no one before him had ever achieved.
The sport changed his life and still drives him to the most exotic corners of the world to face the toughest ultra competitions. As an athlete, globetrotter Joey Kelly has already gathered the most intense experiences.

From the Ultraman in Hawaii to the Sahara Desert Run, Badwater Run in Death Valley and the race to the South Pole to the "Race across America" bike race, Joey Kelly has successfully completed all events.
It is his iron will and self-discipline that allow him to achieve things like no other. For him, everything is a matter of the head, a question of self-conquest, consistent implementation and goal-oriented action.
Here is his list of sporting successes he can look back on:

  • 50 marathons
  • 31 ultra-marathons
  • 13 Ironman
  • over 10 desert ultra runs
  • 4 Race Across America
  • over 100 half marathons and short distance races
  • 8 x 24 hour mountain bike races