The Beauty Book

The Beauty Book
© The Beauty Book by Kenneth Willardt, published by teNeues, Laetitia Casta, Photo © 2014 Kenneth Willardt. All rights reserved.
The Beauty Book
Kenneth Willardt

Interactive Book and App

c. 304 pp., incl. 1 gatefold
c. 170 color and b/w photographs

Texts in English, German, and French

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Format:10 5/8 x 14 1/6 in.


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  • A book about timeless beauty, nudity and celebrities


  • Dynamic and alluring images that allow each model’s distinctive personality to shine


  • An exuberant and eclectic approach to beauty and fashion


  • A must-have for all those with an eye for fine contemporary photography


  • Discover the augmented reality of The Beauty Book

The book includes 30 innovative augmented reality features, accessible by scanning specially marked images  with the complementary Kenneth Willardt App, which will be available for the iPhone and iPad. Discover surprising multimedia content, exclusive behind-the-scenes material such as a personal interview with the artist, and additional exciting features!



  • 100 percent of Kenneth Willardt’s royalties earned from the sales of The Beauty Book will be donated to SSF.


In this book Kenneth Willardt celebrates beauty the way he knows best: by having women (and a few men) seduce his inquisitive camera freely, creatively, intimately . . . as if he were not behind it. They’re ultimately deeply touched by what he sees. His camera is the keyhole to life, which is sometimes raw and sometimes glamorous, but always undeniably beautiful.

—Sciascia Gambaccini, Fashion Director of Italian Vanity Fair


As humans we are programmed to instinctively respond to beauty. It has an indescribable quality that lifts our spirits and opens our hearts. Yet while this intangible essence can be hard to define, it’s nonetheless instantly recognizable. Over the course of his illustrious career, photographer Kenneth Willardt has captured an impressive array of images that epitomize our contemporary concept of beauty. Although varied in their tone and subject matter, these finely structured compositions all possess a timeless elegance that draws us in. Equally at home in both black and white and color images, viewers of Willardt’s photography will be struck by the intimacy that characterizes his work. It will be no surprise, then, to learn that the subjects displayed here are celebrities that fascinate him or models he knows as friends. With this freedom and informality between photographer and models, the images are intensely direct and real.




The sole objective of Rescuers Without Borders—or Sauveteurs Sans Frontières (SSF)—is to save lives across the world regardless of nationality or religion. SSF is a medical organization dedicated to humanity that gathers doctors, nurses, and psychologists from around the entire world. 100 percent of Kenneth Willardt’s royalties earned from the sales of The Beauty Book will be donated to SSF.

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