Cool Restaurants Top of the World

Volume 2

Cool Restaurants Top of the World
© Cool Restaurants Top of the World Vol. 2, Tori Tori, Mexico City, Mexico, published by teNeues, Photo © Paul Rivera
Cool Restaurants Top of the World
Volume 2

220 pp., hardcover with jacket
c. 250 color photographs

Text in English, German, and French

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  • This revised and updated edition showcases the most exceptionally cool dining experiences across the globe
  • A must-have for food travelers and business entertainers alike



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What makes a restaurant truly cool? It is the unmistakable blend of culinary artistry, atmosphere, and furnishings, the finest of ingredients and methods of preparation, as well as an absolutely extraordinary level of service. We promise that this unique selection of the coolest restaurants in the world will take your breath away. The setting and features of these restaurants have made them sought-after gourmet destinations. Whether tucked away in a hidden side street or located in a renowned luxury hotel, each of these top restaurants is a unique experience that will not only tickle your taste buds, but intoxicate all your senses.



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Cool Restaurants currently features the best restaurants of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, and Vienna as well as selected restaurants in various other cities. It offers the kind of recommendations that you would like to get from a friend or an insider.

Quality photographs say more than words! In addition to extensive picture galleries, essential information and short descriptions of all locations will help you to decide quickly. Cool Restaurants offers a unique mixture of established must-sees and up-to-date insider tips.


Photos © teNeues Digital Media GmbH


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• Explore by map
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• City information
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