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 "When I'm asked why teNeues is special, what makes us so unique, my answer is quite straightforward: we stand for the highest quality, a steady stream of successful innovations as well as consistently outstanding design..." Hendrik teNeues, Publisher 

Hendrik teNeues, Verleger



Sebastian teNeues, Verleger















For more than 50 years now the teNeues brand has been synonymous with the publication of finely produced illustrated calendars. From this original core business has grown an internationally established publishing group that annually markets approximately 500 illustrated calendars on a wide variety of themes. At the same time, teNeues’s book publishing arm, with its illustrated books on photography, design, lifestyle and travel as well as high-end stationery such as blank books, journals, post cards and greeting cards, has become one of the leading international book publishers.

With over 130 employees, and overseas offices in London, Paris and New York, and the teNeues stores in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, as well as an important business presence in more than 70 countries, the company is a worldwide player represented in all important markets across the globe.



When it comes to quality and innovation, teNeues is an industry leader.

For books this means teNeues works with top authors to bring readers the finest visual communication in the areas of architecture, travel, beauty, design, popular culture, fashion, lifestyle and living. So, it's no surprise that these exclusive illustrated volumes are recognized worldwide. Thanks to exacting standards in layout, typography, and visuals as well as tasteful handling of subject matter, the books grace the most distinguished residences and decorate coffee tables on all continents.

"We stand for clear visuals, design, innovation and the cutting edge,” states publisher Hendrik teNeues.

In the calendar and stationery business, teNeues has a leading global position and is sought after by major international content licensors and commercial partners. As a full-service provider, teNeues offers all key types of calendars with innovative products at the best price points. The company's worldwide presence allows it to identify and exploit international trends far faster than its competitors. Countless leading international photographers seek out teNeues to showcase their work in high-quality formats. Bruce Weber, Tim Walker, Russell James, Rankin, Elliott Erwitt, Martin Schoeller, Robert Mapplethorpe, Michael Poliza and Matthew Rolston trust the brand and its established tradition of quality. In addition, teNeues has been recognized countless times by its peers for its exemplary high-end titles. For example, in 2007 and 2008, the book division was awarded the Villégiature Prize (for Best European Hotel Guide). In the same years, Michael Poliza and Tim Walker were awarded the German Photo Book Prize for their works.

"Thanks to its high standards, teNeues is at the pinnacle of global photographic publishing. They're a wonderful team--great to work with--creative, quick and innovative."
Michael Poliza, Photographer


Over 200 content partners and many photo agencies and collections license extensive content to teNeues.

Among these are content licensors with world renown such as the National Geographic Society and Disney, but also TV broadcasters and license-holders such as WDR, NICI and various football associations. In addition, teNeues licenses important art from major international museums such as New York's Museum of Modern Art and London's Tate Modern as well as from various prominent artists' estates.

Global brands such as BMW, Porsche, Lufthansa, Schwarzkopf, Cartier, Hasselblad, Chopard, Ferrari, Christian Dior and Swarovski have collaborated with teNeues's one-of-a-kind corporate books division. This department takes care of everything from initial concept development through project management, editing, and translation into all key languages. From layout to PR, marketing to distribution, teNeues takes care of every detail. Where the project requires external help, teNeues can subcontract and manage the top specialists. So, for all firms seeking to extend their presence with a branded publication, teNeues offers a comprehensive and seamless solution.

"For years now, teNeues has been a trusted licensing partner of the Walt Disney Company. Their outstanding collaboration is evident above all in their high levels of creativity, flexibility and friendliness." Frank Boukes, Category Manager The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH



It’s fascinating to trace the evolution of this international publishing powerhouse. In 1931 when Dr. Heinz teNeues, grandfather of the current managing partners, Hendrik and Sebastian founded the teNeues offset printers in Krefeld, nobody could have guessed the direction the firm would take. Destroyed in the war, the printing plant was rebuilt 12km away in Kempen by Dr. teNeues and his son Manfred. It was from here that in 1958 the first teNeues art calendar--and towards the end of the sixties--the first greeting cards were produced. Under the far-sighted guidance of Dr. Manfred teNeues the firm prospered. In 1977 the teNeues publishing division was separated from the printing plant. It was at this stage that the basis for international expansion was set: in 1982 Dr. Manfred's eldest son Hendrik set up the teNeues Publishing Company in New York. Other subsidiaries quickly followed in London and Paris.

Nowadays the first foreign office in the "Big Apple" employs 10, having expanded from cards, posters and blank books into the area of art publications. In 1995 the teNeues book line (with an emphasis on photography) was founded. In this same year the first book title "Studio 54: The Legend" hit the stores. 1995 was also the year Sebastian teNeues (youngest son of Dr. Manfred teNeues) joined the company.

In April 2009 teNeues took over Domberger calendars. This enterprise was incorporated into the teNeues group as "Domberger Calendars Ltd."

In the words of publisher Sebastian teNeues: "We're pleased to add a new premium brand to the teNeues group through the acquisition of the long-established calendar publisher Domberger. In addition we're proud to offer the well-known and well-loved calendars of the "Springende Punkt"® series, which were formerly sold mainly to commercial clients.

In 2010 teNeues entered a joint venture with calendar publishers Knesebeck. Rosemarie von dem Knesebeck commented "We're delighted that such successful Knesebeck classics as "The World's Most Beautiful Libraries" and "The Earth from Above" can continue to appear."

Today the two brothers Hendrik and Sebastian teNeues jointly manage the company. They're supported by an active board that counts among its members Dr. Manfred teNeues and Werner Klatten (managing director of the German Sports Council) as well as other experienced members of the business community. The family continues to play a significant role in the company. "Certain standards are crucial when the firm carries your family name. That's certainly an opportunity--but it's also a responsibility--and a challenge as well" emphasizes Hendrik teNeues. Side by side the two brothers strive to continue the successful legacy of the teNeues publishing group.

„The personal stewardship of Hendrik teNeues and the teNeues family has created a unique recipe for success. “ 
Michael Ward Stout, President of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation


Staying on the pulse of the modern multimedia age, teNeues is reaching out to its customers in all kinds of innovative ways: the company now offers the public the chance to interact with the business via Facebook or Twitter, watch Making-Of videos for various titles, get intriguing behind-the-scenes glimpses of the book-making process, or experience teNeues titles on new platforms. In the words of Hendrik teNeues "Social Marketing is becoming more and more important. Facebook and Twitter let us reach peer or special interest groups in a targeted and engaging fashion." teNeues continued: "This market is still very young and we're exploring several different ways to present our product in non-print media."

Upholding our high standard of design and innovative edge, teNeues enters the digital realm with the introduction of eBook and App editions of our larger-than-life art books. Cool Cities and AAD travel guides, along with photography classics such as Russell James, Swarovski Crystal Palace and Elliott Erwitt’s Personal Best are now available on iTunes.