Portraits of Twins

© IDENTICAL - Portraits of Twins by Martin Schoeller, Katie Parks & Sarah Parks, Born 2001, published by teNeues, Photo © 2012 Martin Schoeller. All rights reserved.
Portraits of Twins
Martin Schoeller

Foreword by Marina Abramović

132 pp., hardcover with jacket
110 color and duotonephotographs, 5 gatefolds

Text in English, German, and French

29,90 EUR
Item No.:79664
Format:27,6 x 34 cm

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  • The most anticipated follow-up to Schoeller’s hugely successful Close Up
  • A compelling photographic collection on this eternally intriguing topic 

Long a source of fascination, twins have often been a theme of myth and legend. The founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus is one of the many instances that spring to mind. Even when separated at birth, identical twins can have uncannily similar tastes, habits, and life experiences. In this landmark photographic study, Martin Schoeller uses his distinctive close-up portrait style to examine sets of identical twins and multiples. In capturing every subtle aspect of their facial structure, myriad similarities and seemingly miniscule—yet significant—differences are revealed, leaving one to ponder how appearance and identity is defined as individuals.